EquaFlo 360® Clarifier Energy Dissipating Inlet

The advanced technology of the EquaFlo 360® energy dissipating inlet (EDI) is a game changer for municipal and industrial clarifiers.

Unlike conventional EDIs, the EquaFlo 360 system uses the entire EDI circumference to discharge flow.  This 360 degree discharge, along with a unique tub design, eliminates jetting of the influent flow, and controls clarifier short-circuiting.

Because the EquaFlo 360 discharges at the liquid level, smaller depth clarifier feedwells may be employed, which avoids scouring of the sludge blanket, thus making this EDI perfect for tanks with a short sidewater depth.

For more information on the EquaFlo 360 clarifier energy dissipating inlet, contact your local Ovivo representative or use “Contact Us” on the Ovivo website.

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