Water Treatment & Surface Aeration Technology
Water Treatment & Surface Aeration Technology

Water Treatment Aeration Technology

Ovivo has designed and installed aeration systems for nearly fifty years. During this time, we have continuously innovated to develop new aeration technologies that reduce operational costs and improve plant performance and offer operation flexibility to accommodate different load fluctuations.

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Providing reliability and reduced operating costs

Aeration accounts for about half of a wastewater treatment plant’s energy bill – the largest energy consumption component of the entire plant – and can also consume significant maintenance resources. Reducing these operational costs is imperative for municipalities and industries today.

Ovivo’s aeration systems are among the most efficient on the market, providing exceptional and long-lasting performance with minimal monitoring, while meeting today’s stringent permit requirements.

Finding the Best Aeration Technology for Your Needs

The ideal aeration system for a given plant often depend on site specifications. The decision of which system to use, should also consider practicality and workability for the plant operators. Ovivo offers two types of aeration system:

  • Surface aeration: In this setup, the aeration equipment is located on the surface of the tank and typically used in oxidation ditches, tanks with mechanical aerators, lagoons, and high-purity oxygen plants. Surface aerators shear the liquid into small droplets which are in contact with atmospheric air for oxygenation. Ovivo offers low-speed surface aerators with a wide range of oxygen transfer capacity, turn down capability, and minimum operator’s attention.
  • Fine Pore Diffusers: This system is also called subsurface aeration as the aeration transfer comes from submerged diffusers that deliver compressed air into the liquid. Fine pore diffusers produce bubbles of 1 to 3 mm in diameter maximizing oxygen transfer efficiency. Ovivo offers the most energy efficient, most durable and fouling-resilient fine pore diffuser in the industry.

Each of our solutions are designed to include the following customer benefits

  • Outstanding treatment performance
  • Minimised operating costs
  • Ease of operation and long-term reliability
  • Modular, skidded and containerised solutions
  • opsCTRL™ enabled to allow digital monitoring and diagnostics
  • Ovivo standard design or customised to partner specifications
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