Condenser Optimization Technology – Tube Cleaning Solutions
Condenser Optimization Technology – Tube Cleaning Solutions

Condenser Screening Solutions

Ovivo offers a range of established water screening and tube cleaning technologies to efficiently prevent and remove fouling of heat exchangers and condenser tubes for cooling water and wastewater applications.

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Screening Equipment Designed to Maximise Condenser Uptime

Fouling in heat exchanger and condenser tubes can lead to corrosion and reduced efficiency of heat exchange surfaces. Cleaning is often required, which can lead to significant downtime, reducing plant productivity by up to 25 per cent. Ovivo offers a range of industry-leading pre-engineered and customisable screening and automatic tube cleaning solutions that greatly reduce maintenance requirements by continuously removing and preventing build-up of fouling and scaling

Brackett Green® Fully automatic tube cleaning and condenser screening solutions

With over a century of experience in the world’s most demanding power generation applications, each of our solutions are designed to include the following customer benefits:

  • Pre-engineered designs or customised solutions
  • Continuous on-line cleaning
  • Reduced tube corrosion and tube failure from fouling and scaling
  • High reliability reducing operation and maintenance requirements
  • Mesh screen with enhanced hydraulic performance
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