Water Demineralization Systems, Solutions, & Technology
Water Demineralization Systems, Solutions, & Technology


A range of advanced solutions for the purification of water through the removal of dissolved mineral salts, providing demineralised water that meets your needs efficiently and reliably.

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Demineralised water production from any water source

With ever-increasing restrictions on the use of drinking water, our specialists design and build water treatment plants that efficiently, economically and sustainably treat a wide variety of water sources to provide high purity demineralised water.  We have a wide range of technologies available and provide filtration, ion exchange, reverse osmosis and electro deionisation systems that can produce demineralised water from freshwater, seawater, wastewater and many other water sources.

Benefits of Ovivo demineralised water systems

Each of our solutions are designed to include the following customer benefits

  • Wide variety configurations to provide best available technology
  • Engineered with your needs at the forefront
  • Modular, skidded and containerised solutions
  • Plants designed to optimise use of chemicals, power and minimise waste water
  • Fully automated either via local PLC/HMI or customer DCS
World leaders in water purification and treatment
Ovivo is a powerful global brand with over 150 years of experiences and references in water treatment.
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