Solutions for municipal water and wastewater markets
Solutions for municipal water and wastewater markets


Granular media filtration is a critical component of particulate removal for water treatment plants. Ovivo’s range of filter products, including underdrains, backwash collection troughs, filter media, and controls, can be combined to provide robust and reliable filtration.

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For groundwater and surface water applications, gravity granular media filters are commonly used for contaminant removal. But not all filters are built the same – the difference is often the engineered products used to construct the filters.

Ovivo can recommend filter components for each unique treatment need. Our underdrains, whether stainless steel or concrete construction, retain many types of media, including sand, anthracite, Greensand Plus, garnet, and support gravels. Our backwash collection troughs, in combination with these underdrains, allow for combined air and water backwashing, resulting in clean filter media, longer filter runs, and better treated water quality.

Each of our products are designed to include the following customer benefits:

  • Outstanding treatment performance to meet all regulatory targets
  • Minimised operating costs, including ultra-low wastewater and utilities
  • Engineered to provide ease of operation and long-term reliability
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