Aggressive media cleaning

Scourguard Filter Troughs

Scourguard Filter Troughs allow for sustained and simultaneous air scour and water backwashing of granular media filters.

Scourguard stainless steel backwash collection troughs improve upon traditional U-shaped troughs with specially designed baffles, keeping entrained media from being lost to backwash waste. Stainless steel construction provides for a robust, maintenance-free installation.

Ovivo’s Scourguard backwash troughs allow granular media filters to be cleaned by simultaneous application of air scour and backwash water with minimal media loss in the backwash waste. Simultaneous application of air scour and backwash water is an aggressive media cleaning technique, allowing tenacious, deeply embedded contaminants to be removed quickly and efficiently. Media loss is prevented, with less backwash waste, and a cleaner filter bed result. Other features and benefits include:

  • Efficient removal of deeply embedded contaminants
  • Minimal media loss and long filter media life
  • Reduced wastewater and backwash frequency
  • Improved media cleaning efficiency
  • Eliminates the need for surface wash

In a traditional filter application, a water-only backwash is done at high water rates, fluidising the media in an attempt to dislodge accumulated solids, but with low effectiveness. Some installations drain the filter to the level of the media and air scour before the high-rate water backwash, but again, this only achieves limited effectiveness. For simultaneous air and water scour of a filter media, a lower, sub-fluidised water rate is utilised. At this lower water rate, in combination with air, bubbles form, collapse, and reform in a collapse-pulse action, vigorously agitating and turning over the filter media. The result is reduced water flow rate, decreasing backwash waste and cleaner media.

 Turbulence induced in the filter media during simultaneous air and water backwash can cause media particles to be carried out of the filter in a traditional U-shaped trough. Ovivo’s Scourguard trough design creates a quiescent settling zone, allowing media particles to fall out of suspension, while the lighter, filtered, solids in the backwash waste overflow the weir and are removed. The result is efficient waste removal that allows for extended, continuous air and water backwash – a system that is better than water only backwash or air followed by water backwash methods.

Ovivo’s Scourguard Troughs can be used in many filter applications. The troughs can easily be integrated into any new construction, and can also be used for retrofitting an existing facility, replacing traditional concrete or steel U-shaped backwash collection troughs.

  • Available in stainless steel or fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) construction
  • For use in concrete or steel filters
  • Complete stainless steel installation with FlexScour or Folded Plate underdrains
  • Filter media: Sand, anthracite, GAC, and other media types