Outstanding aeration and mixing with simplified maintenance

TransMAX & MS Diffusers

Aerating solids in wastewater treatment applications can be challenging. Diffusers can become clogged or damaged leading to reduced performance, compromised treatment objectives and increased costs.

The TransMAX and MS diffusers are genuine non-clog diffusers that provide excellent mixing and aerating by establishing a clear roll pattern within the basins. TransMAX is a single drop diffuser with upper deflector and an above-water orifice, which eliminates the need for cleaning, even if the air is turned off.

The TransMax MS and Diffusers are versatile systems and can be utilised in any application, such as aeration basins, aerobic digestion, channel aeration, and EQ basins. They can be applied to almost any type of tank geometry whether it is a retrofit or new tank construction.

Since 1968, over one thousand TransMAX and MS diffusers have been installed. In this time these aeration systems have demonstrated their simplified maintenance, long service life, and outstanding aeration and mixing of solids up 3 percent concentration.

TransMAX and MS diffusers have many operational advantages over conventional diffuser systems, such as:

• Simplified diffuser maintenance that doesn’t require going inside, draining, or taking tanks out of service since the orifice assembly is accessible above the water surface
• No moving parts
• Non clogging orifice eliminates the need for redundant diffusers allowing sustainable and reliable performance
• Airflow is uninhibited through the entire length of the pipe
• Ability to cycle the air on and off without plugging or fouling the diffusers
• Long service life (20 years and above)
• Blowers operate the same discharge pressure over the life of the equipment ensuring uniform air distribution
• Diffuser achieves medium bubble oxygen transfer rates of up to 14 percent

Clogging is eliminated by separating the air metering orifice from the diffuser and locating the orifice above the liquid level in the basin. Thus, no liquids or solids are ever in contact with the orifice restriction, which is the point at which other diffusers most frequently clog.

The TransMAX and MS diffusers allow full access to the above water orifice system resulting in no solids contact with the orifice. The airflow is completely uninhibited through the complete length of the drop pipe with no mechanical devices or swivel joints required to service the orifice.

Since the air metering orifices are located above water level and can be accessed without draining the tank if the system is to be cleaned or altered. However, because the orifice is above water, the need for cleaning is eliminated, even if the air is turned off. This is a guarantee no other diffuser can make.