Ovivo® Bongo™ Series-Single / Double Aperture Fine Screens

With its Ovivo® Bongo™ Series - Single/Double Aperture Fine Screens, Ovivo offers cost effective, flow-through design, fine screening for lower flows. While ideal for pre-membrane screening in wastewater treatment facilities, the equipment can also be used on any water intake or for pre-screening, when protection in the 300-1600 micron range is recommended. The dual aperture model suits flows up to 1.7 MGD, while the single aperture design deals with flows up to 3.6 MGD.
  • Two Screens in One
  • Influent Screen – No coarse screen required*
  • 3mm ProPaPanel® screening panels for high durability
  • 1st stage screening
  • 300-1600 Micron mesh for very fine 2nd stage screening
  • Single Low Power Drive
  • Low Maintenance
  • Corrosion Resistant

*CSO applications should have a coarse screen upstream

  • Lower Capital Costs – Fewer Screens
  • Lower Construction Costs – Small Footprint
  • No Carryover or Bypass of Screenings
  • High Capture Efficiency – Minimizes downstream “ragging”
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Protects Downstream Equipment
  • Flow Through Design – Pump Flow Not Required

Process and Applications:

The Ovivo Bongo dual aperture fine screen is ideal for pre-membrane screening in a wastewater treatment facility. The robust and rigid construction of the 3mm Propapanel screening panels is the ideal first stage screen for removal of wastewater influent debris without excessive blinding. The internal elevators transport the captured debris to an internal trough where low pressure wash water conveys the screenings to a screening handling system.

The second stage mesh can easily be sized to meet the specific needs of the plant, providing removal of the smaller fibrous waste which often fouls membrane systems, pumps, mixers or other downstream process equipment. If not removed, small fibrous material often forms into large rag like clumps downstream. The mesh is protected by the 3mm Propapanel screening panels, providing redundancy to the screening system.

The integral labyrinth seal and bearing surface ensure that the screen has almost no by-pass, resulting in the highest removal efficiency possible. Additionally, the low velocity design of the Ovivo Bongo dual aperture fine screen allows grit settlement in the tank. Collected in lower sump, the grit can conveniently be discharged from the side, or pumped out of the tank.

The Ovivo Bongo dual aperture fine screen design can also be used for water intakes or for pre-screening of any equipment which needs protection in the 300-1600 micron range but contains source water containing large or sharp debris which would otherwise overwhelm or destroy a mesh screen.

How does the Ovivo Duet dual aperture screen differ from a Rotary Drum screen?
The Ovivo Duet dual aperture screen is a flow through screen which is designed with less than 4″ of head loss. Rotary drum screens typically require a side influent with bottom discharge which requires a pumped flow. The Ovivo Duet screen can also be used without coarse screens upstream in most cases.
Is the Ovivo Duet dual aperture expensive?
The Ovivo Duet dual aperture screen is competitively priced and less than the cost of the two screens it takes the place of. When compared to the installed costs of comparable alternatives, this screen is much more cost effective.
Does this screen require a lot of maintenance?
The Ovivo Duet dual aperture screen is very easy to maintain. The screen was designed for a long life, with only a few wearable parts. Occasional replacement of the second stage mesh, rollers and spray nozzles should be expected. Seals, motors, washwater solenoid and the drive pinnion should require minimal service. The drive bearings require occassional grease. Ovivo service contracts are also available.
I like this screen, but don’t like “New” products until they are well proven
The first full size unit has been operating since March of 2012 with very little maintenance. All of the components used come from our other well proven Brackett Green® products. The drive system has been used for over 18 years, The spray wash system, Propapanel technology, and rollers all have proven to be long lasting reliable components of our center flow screens. Only the configuration is new.

Key Components

The patented Propapanel screening panels utilize thick plastic with molded tapered 3mm holes. This design prevents “Hair Pinning” or clogging while only requiring a low pressure spray wash cleaning system.

The second stage screen is nominally sized with 1600 micron mesh, but it can easily be changed to a size suitable to your specific application.

The drive system provides for a low maintenance, rugged and proven method of running the screen.

Low pressure 30 psi (2 Bar) spray bars effectively clean the Propapanel screening panels and mesh.

Optional integral compactor.

The high wear UHMW bearing surface and labyrinth seal requires no maintenance.

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