Offshore & Seawater Treatment Solutions
Offshore & Seawater Treatment Solutions

Offshore & Seawater Treatment Solutions

Advanced solutions for the removal of dissolved minerals and solids from seawater, providing fresh water that meets the standards required for drinking and process water.

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Fresh and high purity water production from seawater

Ovivo has a long history of treating water on offshore platforms and FPSOs.  Our technologies supply water that complies with international drinking water guidelines as well as water for process applications such as desalting oil.  We have additional treatment options available that provide high purity demineralised water for NOx reduction and offshore hydrogen electrolysis.

Benefits of Ovivo Offshore Water Treatment Systems

Each of our solutions are designed to include the following customer benefits

  • Outstanding treatment performance to meet WHO and other national standards
  • Extremely compact, small footprint and low weight
  • Hazardous area designs available
  • Ovivo pre-engineered or to customer engineering standards
  • Robust & reliable products to provide years of trouble free service
  • Modular units available with HVAC for location on open deck areas 
World leaders in water purification and treatment
Ovivo is a powerful global brand with over 150 years of experiences and references in water treatment.
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