Self-Cleaning & Automatic Pipeline Strainer Technologies
Self-Cleaning & Automatic Pipeline Strainer Technologies

Pipeline Debris Removal

A wide range of fully automated self-cleaning filtration solutions to efficiently intercept and remove fine particles and prevent the clogging of downstream equipment for pipeline applications.

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Automatic self-cleaning Debris removal

Particles contained within water pipelines can cause blockages that reduce efficiency and result in failure of essential equipment. Ovivo offers a range of industry-leading pre-engineered and customisable fully-automated solutions for the separation of impurities from water. These technologies are self-cleaning and designed to operate without interrupting filter flow.

Brackett Green® patented, highly reliable and efficient solutions

Each of our products are designed to include the following customer benefits

  • Pre-engineered designs or customised solutions
  • High reliability extending service times between maintenance
  • Continuous debris removal and high efficiency backwashing
  • Breathing filter element for fibrous debris
  • Vast flow range and mesh apertures to fit any application 
  • Option for seawater compatible materials
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