Product Highlight – The CMD™ Device

The CMD™ device allows non-destructive access to the concentric return activated sludge line found in suction riser pipe clarifiers.  This saves time and costs when retrofitting this type of clarifier.

The CMD adapter is a stationary circular ring serving as the lower segment of the center influent/support column. It forms a support base for the upper section of the column. It is equipped with at least three radially oriented sludge inlet openings which join centrally to a short connecting pipe. This pipe will be connected later to the existing RAS pipe.


CMD Device

How does the CMD device work?

  1. Sludge is collected by the rake arms and directed to the openings in the rotating sludge collection drum. Openings are located 180 degree apart (large blue arrows), in front of rake blades .
  1. Sludge flows through the annular space between the sludge drum and the outer shell of the CMD device, into one of three ports in the CMD device, and then to a central pipe that connects to the embedded RAS pipe (small blue arrows).
  1. Influent (orange arrows) flows from the embedded pipe around the outside of the CMD ports and up to the clarifier center column, which is mounted to the top of the CMD Device.


The installation of the CMD adapter is a non-destructive procedure. It is not necessary to dig into the reinforced concrete to install the CMD device. The contractor  responsible for installing the mechanism doesn’t have to deal with the removal of the concrete, rebars and/or existing piping from the bottom of the tank. This results in a faster installation.

With the CMD device, it’s:

–                no digging

–                no excavation

–                less work

–                faster installation

For additional information, contact  your local Ovivo representative or contact Ovivo directly from this website.

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