OVIVO® Duet™ Screen

With the growing popularity of finer screening to protect sensitive processes and downstream equipment, plants been installing two-stage fine screens. While this approach is beneficial, it can be costly. Ovivo® offers the ideal solution. The smaller footprint and lower operating costs of the dual aperture Duet™ screen combines a 3mm fine screen with a much finer mesh screen of 300-1800 microns, essentially making it two screens in one, thus eliminating the need for coarse screens.
  • Two screens in one, plus grit removal
  • High capture efficiency
  • Lower operational costs
  • Flow through design

Many treatment processes can benefit from better screening at the front end of the plant flowsheet. The Ovivo® Duet dual aperture screen provides efficient, small footprint, very fine screening at an extremely affordable price. Additionally, existing process operations can be improved by adding this screen to the process to reduce debris build ups within the process.


  • Eliminate damaging large debris
  • Eliminate small fibrous inorganic waste that would otherwise foul your downstream process equipment
  • Lower plant operational costs

By combining two screens and grit removal into one package, the installed cost and required space is greatly reduced. Removal of large aggressive debris with our patented and proven Propapanel® technology, followed by removal of small fibrous waste reduces fouling, damage, and maintenance on downstream equipment.


Improved Inorganic Waste Removal

The Ovivo® Duet dual aperture screen removes one ton of debris for every one million gallons treated – up to 4 times more than what is reportedly removed with a similarly sized, 2mm slotted rotary drum screen.


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