OVIVO U-PUR™ – A Metal-free Combination of Multiple UPW Polishing Steps in a Multifunctional Reactor for the Removal of TOC and H2O2 Traces



  • The U-PUR™ system provides several UPW polishing steps in one sole process step.
    • Foot print savingss: ̴ 60%
    • Cost savings (CAPEX): ̴ 30%
    • Pressure drop savings: ̴ 50% 
  • Only high purity materials used in the whole system
  • Metal-free wetted parts (lower metallic particle release expected)
  • UV treatment (185 / 254 nm)
  • H2O2 degradation (to achieve < 10ppb resp. < 1 ppb H2O2)
  • UP- grade Polish Mixed bed ion exchange to achieve < 1ppb TOC.
  • For high quality UPW: 3 in 1 sole process step.

To face the increasing ultrapure water requirements (TOC<1ppbC and H2O2<10ppb),
Ovivo innovates with a new product combining the following 3 polishing steps in one sole metal-free step:

Quartz UV Reactor

  • by LP-Hg Lamp 185 & 254 nm
  • UV self -reflective coating for 254nm light


  • For degradation of hydrogen peroxide traces,
    produced by photolysis reaction.

Mixed Bed

  • Ion exchange resins for removal of
    dissolved charged species (ions)

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