A Skid Mounted Metal-free UPW Polishing solution
The 3-in-1 UPW polishing reactor for UPW production
A Skid Mounted Metal-free UPW Polishing solution
The 3-in-1 UPW polishing reactor for UPW production
Ultrapure water

Metal-free UPW polishing solutions

The uncompromising answer to what semiconductor plant operators can expect from UPW polishing systems.

Today’s integrated circuit configurations are so complex that even the most minute contaminant will impact the final product. Ovivo’s goal has always been to eliminate all potential sources of contamination.

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By incorporating high purity materials such as special PVDF-HP granulate or Halar® E-CTFE, Ovivo’s metal-free UPW polishing systems can achieve total organic carbon (TOC) of less than 1 ppb and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) of less than 10 ppb.

Ovivo includes a semiconductor grade cleaning procedure for all wetted parts. In addition, our solution allows for complete control of the supply chain to ensure high product reliability and long durability.

In support of our metal-free polishing systems, we have developed the following products:

  • U-PUR. The most compact metal-free reactor for UPW production (UV-oxidation / catalyst / polishing mixed bed).
  • UPW Pumps. The new generation of non-metallic pumps specially designed and manufactured for UPW applications.
  • CFHA Cartridge Filter Housings. The ultimate metal-free cartridge filter housings for the UPW polishing step.

These products minimise the wetted surface of stainless steel (SS) within the UPW polishing system.

While conventional polishing systems include considerable electro-polished SS equipment, our UPW pumps and U-PUR fluoropolymer-lined ion exchange vessels, which integrate UV treatment, eliminate the bulk of wetted metallic surfaces.

Metal-free Pumps are not new to the UPW market. What is new are the high flows achieved by Ovivo’s UPW Pumps. These high purity metal-free pumps have been designed to ensure all wetted surfaces are high purity PVDF. By replacing 316L SS impellers with high-purity PVDF impellers, conductive particles are eliminated from the process stream experienced during any interruption of service, pump maintenance or seal rinse up.

The innovative U‑PUR metal-free reactor is able to remove TOC and H2O2 traces, producing water far purer than traditional systems. Its design is a maintenance-friendly solution that eliminates piping, reducing the risk of contamination from metal exposure. The U-PUR product combines the UV reactors with the mixed bed, in order to remove the wetted surface of SS. This represents a major advancement in UPW delivery and allows the system to deliver significantly higher water quality.

The CFEHA (Cartridge Filter Housing according to European Standard with inside Halar coating) and CFAHA (Cartridge Filter Housing according to ASME with inside Halar coating) models are the ultimate choice to fulfil the specific needs of UPW applications. Both models are pickled and passivated inside and out prior to the application of Halar coating. These state-of-the-art filter housings include high performance 316L SS and all wetted surfaces are fluoropolymer-lined. This ensures UPW never comes in contact with exposed metal, ideal for nanotech manufacturing.

For additional information, check the individual product pages on this website and/or download the product brochures/technical data sheets.