High-purity biological sampling of Ultrapure water


Dynatest is an innovative sampling device designed and manufactured for the direct, in-line sampling of Ultrapure water (UPW) without interrupting the process. It is equipped with a special restorative membrane that ensures the integrity of the sampling procedure.

This method prevents the introduction of unwanted bacteria or contaminants into the sampled water, a crucial requirement for industries such as Semiconductor, Medical, and Pharmaceutical.

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Sampling Ultrapure water is always challenging and critical due to the risk of contamination, which can originate from various sources. Contamination may arise internally from bacteria in stagnant water or externally from environmental particles near the sampling area. Contaminated samples can lead to incorrect analyses, significantly impacting your operations.

The Dynatest sampling device is an effective tool specifically developed for in-situ and sterile biological sampling of UPW, enabling direct, in-line sampling within the process flow.

The restorative membrane for biological sampling

The unique feature of the Dynatest’s membrane ensures the integrity of the sampling procedure.

Additional important features:

  • Specifically designed to monitor minute contamination
  • Enables continuous in-line sampling in the UPW stream
  • Prevents external contamination thanks to the restorative membrane
  • Utilizes superior quality materials and sterile packaging for Ultrapure water applications

Aseptic Process

The membrane is located in a PVDF housing and has 24 sample sites. A sterile butterfly needle is used to collect samples directly from the Ultrapure water stream by piercing the prepared sample sites within the membrane.

Once pierced, the restorative properties of the Dynatest’s membrane allow it to be sealed to its original form.

Number of sampling sites 24
Nominal flow 200 L/h (52.8 gph)
Max. allowable working pressure 6 bar (87 psi)
Weight 0.750 kg (1.66 lbs)
Union connections (inlet and outlet) DN 25 (1”)