Brackett Green® Dual Flow Bandscreen

New Key Features and Benefits

  • A reduced head height, simplifying access for inspection/maintenance, improved aesthetics and reduced crainage height.
  • A highly optimized mesh support (basket) that maximizes the open area, resulting in an increased flow per meter (foot) of screen width, thereby reducing the screen width required for a specified design flow.
  • A reduced screen width with optimized mesh support (basket) structures, which minimizes the main-chain dead loads, thereby extending chain and roller life, reducing OPEX costs.
  • Improved roller geometry resulting in reduced drive power requirements.
  • PLC controlled, variable speed drive (VSD) that closely matches the screen speed to process conditions, thereby minimising OPEX costs.
  • Manufactured in a range of materials including carbon steel, austenitic stainless steel and duplex stainless steels.

How we create value

  • A reduced screen width decreases the drive power and washwater requirements, thereby minimizing CAPEX & OPEX costs
  • Optional Fish Recovery & Return (FRR) for compliance with environmental legislation, such as US EPA 316(b).
  • Replaceable tracks and wear strips to extend plant-operating life.
  • Optional replaceable sprocket rims to extend sprocket/chain life.
  • Available either as a dual flow screen for new projects or as a dual flow conversion for existing through-flow intakes.

Learn More & Download the Brochure

Ovivo® is proud to announce the latest development of the proven Brackett Green® dual flow bandscreen, which has become the global reference design for the screening of large power and industrial water intakes.

Ovivo’s engineers conducted a root-and-branch review of the complete range of Brackett Green dual flow bandscreens and have re-engineered and optimized the design. Using a wealth of accumulated experience and enhanced by the latest design tools, we have produced screens that cover flows up to 18 m3/sec per unit, while retaining the field-proven features of the Brackett Green brand.

Brackett Green’s dual flow bandscreens have always been the preferred choice of screen for industries that require screened process water. Our screens’ robust construction and efficient methods of debris removal have been outperforming other screens for years. Either as a stand-alone or as part of a two or three-stage system, each screen is custom engineered for its intended industry and process application. The endless band of screens provides continuous removal of debris, with zero carryover, thereby protecting pumps and other downstream equipment.

The dual flow or out-to-in flow pattern – where water exits through the back opening after flowing through the mesh panels – is the most suitable flow for the majority of intakes.  When combined with the new, optimized features, Ovivo’s Brackett Green dual flow bandscreens are the only screens needed.

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