Ovivo® Solo™ Screen

With over 20 years of experience building Brackett Green® Center Flow and drum screens, the Ovivo® Solo fine screen is based on a wealth of proven components and screening design technologies. Key components are all derived from our larger equipment models, and include the ease of maintenance, and robust construction that Brackett Green products are renowned for. The drive system is used on drum screens more than 5 times the size and the patented Propapanel screening panels have been screening wastewater for over 18 years.
  • Single stage screening in 6, 3, & 2mm apertures
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Piped flow headworks plant
  • Flow though design

Many treatment processes can benefit from better screenings of the high efficiency Ovivo Solo drum screen. The Ovivo Solo single aperture screen provides efficient, small footprint, very fine screening at an extremely affordable price. Additionally, existing process operations can be improved by adding this screen to the process to reduce debris build ups within the process.

  • Eliminate damaging large debris
  • Eliminate small fibrous inorganic waste that would otherwise foul your downstream process equipment
  • Lower plant operational costs

By combining a single screen with grit removal into one package, the installed cost and required space is greatly reduced. Removal of large aggressive debris with our patented and proven Propapanel® technology, followed by removal of small fibrous waste reduces fouling, damage, and maintenance on downstream equipment.

How does the Ovivo ® Solo ™ single aperture screen differ from a rotary drum screen?
The Ovivo Solo single aperture screen is a through flow screen which is designed with less than 4″ of head loss. Rotary drum screens typically require a side influent with bottom discharge that requires a pumped flow. The Ovivo Duet screen can also be used upstream without coarse screens in most cases.

Is the Ovivo Duet dual aperture expensive?
The Ovivo Solo single aperture screen is competitively priced and costs less than the screen and grit system it replaces. When compared to the installed costs of comparable alternatives, this screen is much more cost effective.

Does this screen require a lot of maintenance?
The Ovivo Duet dual aperture screen is very easy to maintain. The screen was designed for a long life, with only a few wearable parts. Occasional replacement of the rollers and spray nozzles should be expected and the drive bearings require grease periodically. Seals, motors, the washwater solenoid and the drive pinion should require minimal service. Ovivo service contracts are also available.

I like this screen, but don’t like “new” products until they are well-proven. How would you address this concern?
The components of the Duet screen have all been tested and proven in our other Brackett Green® products. Our Duet drive system has been used in other screens for over 18 years with great success. The spray wash system, Propapanel® technology and rollers are the same long-lasting, reliable components of our center flow screens, it is only the configuration that is new.