Enviroquip® Solids Contact Clarifier

The Enviroquip? solids contact clarifier is a high rate, vertical flow treating unit combining chemical mixing, flocculation, coagulation, settling and clarification, in a single circular tank. Typical applications include: lime softening, color removal and turbidity removal.
  • Removal of Color, Turbidity, Manganese and Softening of water
  • Low footprint
  • Low installed cost and fast installation
  • Combining multiple functions in a single tank, the Solids Contact Clarifier is a very compact, space saving equipment.
  • Provides high rate clarification. It can recycle 4 times the design flow.
  • The system offer flexibility of operation; among other things, the equipment can also be run as a settlement basin.

Enviroquip® solids contact clarifier is ideal for removal of color, turbidity, manganese, and softening in water treatment applications. Size can vary between 15 to 100 feet in diameter, and treat up to 8 MGD in a single, compact unit.

Ovivo offers as an option, the use of stainless steel wetted components for corrosion resistance and longetivity.


Fresh chemicals are injected into raw water being pumped at a constant rate into the clarifier center mixing well where it is contacted and mixed with recycled chemicals and solids pumped from the sludge blanket by a recirculation pump. The coagulated water is distributed to a larger flocculation well where the chemical reactions forming insoluble floc particles are completed. The particles then increase in size as they contact and adhere to each other. As the flocculation process proceeds and the particles grow, they become heavy and sink toward the bottom of the clarifier forming a sludge blanket. At this time the floc will capture small impurities in the raw water by electromotive attraction and simple entrapment. The positive ions formed by the chemical flocculent neutralize the natural negative potential of particulate material in surface waters allowing the particles to agglomerate.

Some of this sludge is recirculated to act as a flocculent aid, providing solids to initiate floc
formation, and to reduce the amount of new chemical required by recycling.
Settled water rises to the surface outside the flocculation well where it is collected by submerged orifices in effluent troughs and is transferred to the filter feed piping.

Sludge Removal

The precipitated sludge settles to the tank bottom. A mechanical scraper at the bottom of the unit moves the sludge toward the sludge hopper and prevents the formation of shoals on the tank bottom. Surplus sludge is removed by opening the sludge blow-down valve, just outside the clarifier tank. Sludge removal reduces the risk of septic sludge

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