EIMIX® Mechanical Sludge Mixer

Anaerobic digestion is highly dependent upon effective sludge mixing. When tank contents are inadequately mixed, stratification occurs and the volume is not properly utilized. Ovivo's Eimix® sludge mixers are designed to provide powerful mixing without accumulating stringy or fibrous material. In addition, the use of reversing motors enables the mixer to pump sludge with equivalent capacity in both directions, which maximizes system flexibility by altering mixing dynamics.

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Sludge mixing is critical to any anaerobic digester process control. The function of the sludge mixer is to mix and circulate the sludge contents of the digester via a propeller in order to minimize scum accumulation, distribute heat and keep the solids in suspension in the liquid. Ovivo’s Eimix® mixers come with a variety options guaranteed to accomplish any digester process requirements.100_0933

  • Stable and highly effective sludge mixing
  • Ease of operation and minimal required maintenance
  • Heat exchanger jacket compatibility for uniform heating


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  • Ragless propellers designed for improved uptime and long, continuous operating periods
  • Internal roof mounted (RDT) or external (EDT) draft tube design
  • De-gassing or de-watering the digester for maintenance is no longer required with our removable mixers
  • Compatible for installation on existing or new, primary or secondary digesters
  • One or more units can be installed across a tank to suit specific mixing needs

Ovivo’s Eimix® sludge mixers use ragless impellers, which are designed to run clean without the accumulation of stringy or fibrous matter and to eliminate fouling while retaining high efficiency with low maintenance requirements. Our reversible motors enable pumping with equivalent capacity in both directions, maximizing the system flexibility by altering mixing dynamics.

Ovivo offers two types of draft tube mixers: the internal roof mounted (RDT) and the external (EDT) draft tube design.

Mounted on the tank cover, this design allows the upper draft tube and mixer mechanism to be easily removed. One or more RDT mixers can be distributed across the tank or can be installed in conjunction with a EDT mixer for additional scum breaking and mixing capacity.

Easy maintenance access is achieved by mounting the mixer outside of the tank.
Maximum energy input occurs at the periphery of the tank near the surface and at the bottom of the tank, creating a tangential spiral flow pattern within the tank.

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Oil lubrication system:
Provides a positive pressure to the lower bearing
Dipstick for manual inspection and monitoring
Electronic oil level sensor available (SCADA compatible)

The upper bearing is located well above liquid level, next to the motor. A lower bearing is positioned next to the propeller. This configuration increases bearing span and minimizes overhung loads for extended bearing life.

Eimix® Ragless Propellers:
Innovative design that runs without the accumulation of stringy or fibrous material. Eimix propellers are offered in two sizes:
• 24″ diameter, recommended for mixers between 5 and 10 hp
• 36” diameter, typically used for mixers greater than 15 hp.

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