Ovivo® Grit Collector

Wastewater facilities that receive flows containing grit can be significantly impacted on operating costs, down time, maintenance resources, and can lead to unnecessary maintenance tasks, and in some cases, issues with permit compliance. The Ovivo Grit Collector is a cross flow grit system that utilizes a collector arm to move settled grit into a box for collection.
  • Grit CollectorConventional municipal or industrial facilities where abrasive, inorganic grit is present.
  • Grit collection for low hydraulic head conditions.
  • Simplest, most reliable grit removal method.
  • Capacity for large flows.
  • Picture2Shallow grit removal system with a variety of grit extraction methods available.
  • Issue free operation with no submerged gears, bearings or drive components.
  • Factory tested before delivery to ensure efficient and superior performance.
  • Constructed from durable materials for long term life.

Flow passes uniformly across the basin, entering on one side through flow deflectors.  Laminar flow paired with low velocity allows grit particles to settle out before reaching the final weir on the opposite side of the basin.  Meanwhile, sweeper arms gently direct the settled particles to a collection point where they are collected and removed from the basin.

  • Sized by hydraulics, the system can efficiently remove 95% of up to 150 mesh grit at 2.65 specific gravity, producing a substantially grit-free liquid.
  • Type B designs use bridge supported piers and can extend to 40’ diameter. Center pier supported designs can support up to 55 foot diameter basins.   Simple, reliable and continuous treatment from 1 to 25 MDG.
  • The captured grit is separated from the liquid via rake classifier, screw classifier, or classifier/cyclone.

Q: How is the flow across the channel controlled?

A: The flow enters the basin through a set of adjustable vanes.  These are fully adjustable to produce the best flow profile for grit removal.

Q: My current grit basin consistently has a scum layer and floatables that we have to remove manually. Is there anything I can do about this?

Yes.  Rotating pipe skimmers can be retrofitted to assist with this condition.  The operation of the pipes can be fully automated as well if desired.

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