Brackett Bosker® Bandit Automatic Trashrake Technology

For small and remote areas, or for intakes that rely on manual cleaning methods, the Brackett Bosker® Bandit automatic trash rake is ideal. Compact, with an extendable, rotating, hydraulic arm designed to clear debris from horizontal and vertical screens with bar spacing of 12mm up to 200mm, it allows for a safe workload capacity of 250 kg (550 lb). The equipment can easily be retrofitted to existing intakes. There are no submerged moving parts so maintenance costs are low.
  • The Brackett Bosker® Bandit automatic trash rake can be operated by a pre-programmed cycle, manual activation or level differential. The latter option is particularly useful for dealing with the unexpected volumes of debris caused by severe seasonal conditions.
  • For intakes greater than 8.8ft (2.7m), the Brackett Bosker Bandit automatic trash rake can be located on a deck-mounted travel carriage. This enables the rake to clean multiple intakes and provides a low profile alternative to the overhead Brackett Bosker automatic raking screen.
  • Brackett Bosker Bandit automatic trash rakes can be supplied by Ovivo as a standard 250kg safe working load design.
  • No need for manual clearing methods
  • Low operational costs
  • Fully efficient operation

The Bandit automatic trash rake consists of a telescopic hydraulic arm, a main body, a grab unit and a framework. The Bandit machine travels in this framework, moving between the different grab and dump locations. Three double-acting hydraulic arms control the grab unit, the linear movement of the telescopic arm, and the lifting of the telescopic arm.

The grab unit, which is connected to the end of the telescopic arm, is a galvanized steel construction with a nylon scraping plate to clean the screen front. The grab unit is opened or closed by a hydraulic arm. The main body contains the hydraulic power pack for the operation of the hydraulic arms, while hydraulic hoses carry power to the three arms.

The machine is rotated by a geared motor unit mounted inside the main body. Power to the machine is through a power chain connected to the framework. Controlled-return flow valves are installed in the lines to the hydraulic arm, and a pressure safety valve (set at 200 bar) is attached to the pump discharge. A pressure gauge, oil level sight glass and timer are included in the PLC circuit to prevent loss of oil in the event of a pipe fracture.

A single cabinet control panel is included with the package. All Brackett Bosker Bandit automatic trash rake units have the ability to execute turns of up to 270°. This dexterity of movement, combined with an extendable raking arm operated by three hydraulic arms, ensures even the most cumbersome intake can be effectively cleared of rubbish. The tines of the Brackett Bosker Bandit grab unit fully penetrate the intake’s bar screens, so that even embedded and trapped debris is removed cleanly.

What is the maximum depth of barscreen?

5 meters.

Can it be retrofitted onto an existing intake?


What control method does it employ?

The unit can be controlled manually, on a pre-programmed cycle, or operate on level differential.

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