Screening Handling Removal

Waste from pre-treatment screenings must be properly managed and discarded. Ovivo has developed screenings handling removal solutions that prepares screened material for suitable disposal. A first stage typically washes the material before compaction. The second stage conditions, dewaters and compacts the solids, reducing the overall volume in the order of 90% for easy removal and transportation.
Brackett Green® MACERACER® Technology
The Brackett Green® MacerAcer® screening package comes in three modular units. The first removes grit and macerates the material into 3/8" pieces. The second unit separates organic from inorganic material, reducing volume by 90%, and the third dewaters the screenings in a centrifugal spin cycle. Reduction in volume means fewer trips to the landfill and lower transportation costs. Our range of models have processing capabilities of 2m3/hr to 12m3/hr.
OVIVO® Screw Compactor
The Ovivo Screw Compactor is suitable for screening from inlet or sludge screens and is available in a range of sizes from 200mm to 500mm diameter. The largest machine can process up to 10m³/hour of screenings