Phosphorus Removal / Recovery

Sidestream treatment involves specialized management of nutrient laden streams produced after anaerobic digestion of sludge and its subsequent dewatering. These streams are highly concentrated in nature, contributing only 1% to 3% of the forward flow at a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) but comprising almost 10 to 40% of the plant’s Nitrogen and Phosphorus load. By using specialized systems geared specifically for the challenges offered by these streams, nutrient removal as well as recovery can be accomplished at the plant in a sustainable and cost effective way. The systems simultaneously proffer a host of additional benefits such freeing up mainstream treatment for increased treatment capacity as well as drastically reducing the O&M costs at the plant for a quick return on investment. Ovivo offers the following sidestream treatment systems: ANAMMOPAQ™ – For Nitrogen Removal in Sidestreams by deammonification PHOSPAQ™ – For Phosphorus Removal/Recovery in Sidestreams by controlled struvite precipitation
Controlled struvite precipitation and recovery.
The EloVac®-P system is a completely skid-mounted, plug and play, compact phosphorus sequestration system that prevents struvite scaling.
The PHOSPAQ™ process addresses a critical need of struvite mitigation at plants with high levels of Phosphorus in their sidestreams (typically due Biological Phosphorus (Bio-P) Removal or Thermal Hydrolysis Processes (THP) in their treatment schemes).

Ovivo product manager, Mudit Gangal, discusses sidestream treatment and explains a featured innovation known as “shortcut nitrogen removal.” We also discuss advantages of the AnammoPAQ system, as evidenced by Ovivo’s many successful installations.

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