Rendering of Brackett Bosker® trash raking screen
Deep Tunnel CSO debris removal solution

Deep Clean Featuring Brackett Bosker®

The Deep Clean is a highly customisable all-mechanical trash rake system that cleans, conveys and discharges debris directly into a dumpster or dump point. This system is built to handle extremely deep pick-depths and a wide range of difficult and foreign debris.

The Deep Clean can effectively lower operating costs, protect downstream processes and eliminate the need for separate conveyor and debris loading systems.

The Deep Clean is a fully customisable solution for deep equipment protection. The design has been refined through decades of manufacturing and thousands of installations worldwide, including demanding applications such as power generation, hydro dams, CSO’s and headworks.

The Deep Clean a fully automated system that combine debris cleaning and conveying systems whilst offering a range of benefits that place it ahead of competition, such as:

  • Fully customisable monorail track that can be curved to achieve remote location dumping
  • Incorporation of overhead monorail, or two-axis bridge crane, to maintain a safe and uncluttered screen deck
  • Fully mechanical hoist system, capable of pick-depths of 125 m (400 ft) and greater, if required
  • A large capacity up to 3,000 kg (6,600 lbs) safe working load (debris loading)
  • A trash rake system that cleans, conveys and discharges debris directly into dumpster
  • Elimination of separate conveyor and debris loading systems by allowing the trolley and gripper to move from the pick location directly to the dump location
  • Specially designed bar screens in all materials and capable of supporting extremely large differentials

The Ovivo team works closely with all partners to assist with their debris removal needs by providing feed studies, design optimisation (cost engineering) and life cycle cost analysis.

Trash rake screen hooked up to monorail track system for easy transfer of trash to dump site

Ovivo Deep Clean utilises over 60 years of experience to provide a highly innovative, fully customisable solution to meet all your requirements.

The equipment traverses on a monorail track or bridge crane allowing access to multiple screens and remote dump sites. The Deep Clean can be operated manually or automatically from either pushbutton, timer, level differential signal, or remote signal.

At the start signal, the Deep Clean travels to the designated screen area and stops over its first pick-up point. The gripper then descends and collects any debris trapped on the bar screen, releasing directly into the designated dump area, eliminating the need for additional handling. 

The Deep Clean can be pre-engineered or custom-designed with the following technical specifications:

  • Grippers available in widths of up to 3.6 m (12 ft) with a wide range of materials and teeth configurations
  • Bar screen spacing from 25-150 mm (1-6 in), and greater if required
  • Intake depths of up to 125 m (400 ft)
  • A range of fully customisable materials
  • Capacity up to 3,000 kg (6600 lbs) safe working load (debris loading)