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Municipal Water

Water for public supply can be obtained from underground sources (for example, wells sunk into aquifers), or from surface sources such as purpose-built reservoirs or lakes (collecting rainwater run-off or water from streams) and from rivers. The safety of the water is of utmost concern - the primary aim in water treatment is the elimination of any pathogenic microorganisms present.

Our Solutions

Every source of water can be subject to pollution. In the case of underground water, polluted surface water can enter the saturation zone of an aquifer and so lead to its contamination. Pollution can come from waste tip leachate containing heavy metals and organic compounds, farm run-off containing nitrates and pesticides, from industrial wastes and from contaminated land. River water can be affected by farm drainage, sewage works, industrial effluents and run-off water from roads. There is a clear need to maintain the quality of the aquatic environment to ensure that the available water is suitable for treatment for public supply, and that the cost of treatment is kept as low as possible. 

Ovivo’s expertise in the global water industry, built up over decades of involvement in world class projects, means that we are ideally placed to make respected recommendations on these issues and to add value wherever possible.



The Potable Water Process

Raw water is often abstracted from a river and pumped to a reservoir for storage. In the reservoir, the number of fecal bacteria is reduced through natural processes, such as predation by protozoa and ultraviolet radiation from sunlight and a large portion of the suspended solids settle out. The water is then conveyed from the reservoir for treatment. In hilly areas, rainwater can be taken from a storage reservoir made by damming a valley in an upland catchment area or, in other instances; water may be drawn from underground sources.

Our full scope of competence include:

  • Water Intakes
  • Sedimentation
  • Filtration including desalination
  • Sludge Handling
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Ovivo Package Solutions

Water Intakes

Ovivo’s Brackett Green® range of raw water intake screens has been used since the beginning of the twentieth century, with some installations having been in continuous service for more than 40 years.

Our water intake products include :

  • Fish Protection
  • Coarse Screening Ranking Machines
  • Fine Screening


Design and manufacture of mechanical systems for sedimentation processing is one of the special strengths of Ovivo. A large portion of our engineering capabilities are devoted to the design of gravity separation equipment, specializing in low-speed, high torque drive mechanisms.

Our sedimentation products include:

  • Circular Sludge Thickeners and Clarifiers
  • EWT™ Flocculating Clarifier
  • Reactor Clarifier™ Solids Contact Clarifiers
  • Rectangular Clarifiers

Filtration including Desalination

Clarified water is passed through filters filled with layers of sand and gravel to remove any final traces of floc and precipitated metals such as iron and manganese.

We offer a range of filtration equipment:

  • Filter Components
  • CastKleen® Underdrain Filter  
  • Scourguard™ Troughs
  • FlexScour™ Underdrain Filter
  • Filters
  • Ultrafiltration

Reverse Osmosis (RO) - Dependent upon the source water quality; each plant is designed specifically for the type and flow of the available feed water.

Distillation - Saline water is heated to a high temperature such that pure water rises in vapor while particulates remain in the brine and then condense to produce freshwater.

Product Water - Desalinated water can be used for various purposes.

Desalination is currently expensive compared to most alternative sources of water, and only a very small fraction of total human use is satisfied by desalination. It is only economically practical for high-valued uses in arid areas with the most extensive use being in the Arabian Gulf.


Sludge Handling

Sludge produced from water treatment processes is dependent upon the impurities removed from the water and the process used to produce it. The most suitable dewatering solution will be dependent upon this but will very different for that used in wastewater treatment. Ovivo has excellent knowledge of how to select the most appropriate technology and can offer proprietary solutions from filter presses to linear electro dewatering.

Turnkey Solutions

Using our project management, process, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering skills, Ovivo’s solutions can comprise equipment supply, partnerships and full turnkey contracts. The worldwide experience of our project managers allows us to minimize project risks and deliver our projects on time and on budget.

Whether it is for new equipment, rebuilds, retrofits or upgrades and optimizations, our engineers will work with you to understand your problems, needs and drivers so that we can determine the optimal solution for you. Being strongly disciplined in planning, organization and the management of resources, and with our specialist knowledge of water treatment, Ovivo is consistently able to achieve all project goals and objectives while honoring project constraints.

Our integrated solutions include:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Process & Engineering Design
  • Project Management
  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Operation & Service

Ovivo Package Solutions

Ovivo engineers and professionals know the water treatment business, and whether for new equipment, rebuilds, retrofits, upgrades or optimizations, can support your project in its entirety. Our company combines the latest engineering technologies with a history of process machinery construction stretching back over a century. Our engineers draw on the company’s extensive archives of process data to develop new product designs and to refine existing ones.

Dedicated to the water and wastewater treatment industry, Ovivo offers commercial and technological added-value solutions at competitive prices. Our competitive edge lies in our ability to respond quickly to client demands, providing optimal technological solutions when and where you need them most.