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Membrane Technologies

Kubota flat sheet Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Kubota flat sheet Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)

Many of Ovivo’s process solutions rely on membrane technologies being the heart of the application, such as in the production of potable water, general process water and high grade process water at the ultrapure end of the spectrum of water qualities. Typically, though we refer to membrane technologies as our range of Micro- and Ultrafiltration systems as pre-treatment of different water sources (sea-, well-, surface or waste water) and post-treatment of ultra-pure water in the micro-electronics, pharmaceutical and hospital applications.

Further Details

Micro- or ultra filtration is a process that uses membranes to filter out suspended solids; including harmful microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and cysts that traditional media filtration cannot remove.

Depending on the source and specific properties of the raw water we can choose between a number of fibre materials and operation philosophies. Some systems benefit from outside-in operation while other systems operate better at inside-out. Different fibre materials have different properties and dead-end uses less energy than cross-flow, but, are limited in the quantity of pollutants in the feed water. 

We believe in a fit-for-purpose system where we configure the system around the specific water properties of each project. Ovivo uses all commercially available membranes and modules from A-brand suppliers. 

Pilot plants are available to test several full-scale membranes and modules in practise and gain information on stable operation parameters at the source.




For larger scale applications the compact formation and modular lay-out ensures a compact formation and easy expansion of the plant.

Effluent Quality

In comparison to media filtration the micro- and ultrafiltration process ensures a very high quality product water even with challenging feed water sources. The product water quality will not fluctuate with varying feed water quality making it a superior barrier for downstream processes. The use of intermediate chemical enhanced backwashes (CEB) eliminates the use for a CIP-stop which limits availability.

For polishing applications in pharmaceutical processes the membranes provide sterile water with a very low energy demand. For validation purposes periodical heat sanitisation can be used to rule out any microbiological growth in the membrane modules. Lab test with high endotoxin spikes have proven the value of these membranes as a protection for the water make-up by consistently providing high quality filtrate.

In UPW special high pressure double skinned ultrafiltration membranes are used to comply with the lowest particle contamination achievable in the business today, at the borderline of detection limits for the current laser scattering particle counters.


As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) we have the freedom to select the most suitable membrane for your application. 

Every application has its specific challenges. Interaction between the contaminants and the membrane surface may be the key to a successful project whereas filtrate quality will be leading for polishing applications in pharmaceutical applications and Ultra Pure Water (UPW). 

We can offer the full range in terms of configurations such as tubular, hollow fibre, spiral wound or flat sheet as well as all available membrane materials from cellulose triacetate (CTA) up to PVDF. We also keep close contact with the leading membrane suppliers and have access to some new experimental membrane materials that could very well be best fit for you application.