Brackett Green® MACERACER® Technology

The Brackett Green® MacerAcer® screening package comes in three modular units. The first removes grit and macerates the material into 3/8" pieces. The second unit separates organic from inorganic material, reducing volume by 90%, and the third dewaters the screenings in centrifugal spin cycle. Reduction in volume means fewer trips to the landfill and lower transportation costs. Our range of models have processing capabilities of 2m3/hr to 12m3/hr.
  • Complete odor reduction of debris collected by fine (6 mm and smaller) headworks screens
  • Reduces or eliminates concerns associated with landfill restrictions related to screening from sewage
  • Organics are completely removed from the screenings for support of downstream biological processes
  • Volume of collected screenings can be reduced by up to 90%-typical screw compactors can only achieve 50%

The MacerAcer® screenings conditioning package solves all the normal concerns associated with wet screenings collection from sewage. The maceration pump vigorously agitates the wet screenings in the conditioning tank, then shears the inorganics into 3/8″ pieces. The conditioned screenings are then pumped in a slurry to the liquid separator. This provides the crucial step of forcing out the fecal matter and emulsified fats and grease for return to the wastewater process. The remaining inorganics are dewatered by 87-93% and ejected into a dumpster in a virtually odorless and unrecognizable form. The dewatered inorganics are similar to confetti in appearance.

This process also allows the screenings to be dewatered away from the location of the screens which is an important feature in the design of some wastewater treatment plants. The screenings can be pumped vertically and horizontally as needed.

  • Volume reduction of the collected screenings by 87-93% reduces disposal costs
  • Odor-free dewatered screenings allows more flexibility in wastewater treatment plant locations
  • Reduces dumpster haul trips by 75+%
  • Separates all organic matter for discharge back to the plant, which is needed for the biological process
  • Eliminates the need for conveyors that are sometimes required for transport of the screenings

In some cases, the ability to provide odor-free screenings has allowed for installation of wastewater treatment plants in sensitive residential settings, which would not be possible with the traditional screw compactor type of screenings handling equipment. The volume reduction of the screenings has a direct benefit of lower costs for transport and disposal of the screenings. The ability to pump the macerated screenings allows for more flexibility of the design of the wastewater treatment plant and eliminates for need for conveyors.


The MacerAcer® can reduce the volume of the collected screenings by 87-93%

Odor-free screenings

What amount of volume reduction can be achieved with the MacerAcer®?

The typical reduction in the volume of collected screenings is 87-93%

Is grit a problem in the MacerAcer® process?

No. The MacerAcer® has grit collection incorporated into the collection tank that houses the maceration pumps.

Are the maceration cutting blades a high maintenance issue?

The maceration cutting blades typically last a least a year, as long as the collected grit is removed from the collection tank

"Ovivo sells the screen handling technology under its own Brackett Green® MACERACER® trademark under a know-how license agreement. For further information about the availability of this product, please contact our Customer Contact Center."