Enviroquip® Rapid Sludge Removal Clarifier

The Enviroquip® rapid sludge removal clarifier is unlike any other clarifier. Sludge is drawn from the floor using straight tubes, going directly into SludgeViewr® troughs, which display the amount of sludge return from each tube. Furthermore, Ovivo's ScumTrappR® influent well captures 95% of the floatables, eliminating the need for scum to travel the full surface of the clarifier, and our exclusive Jackbolt™ drive mechanism means there is no need to take the clarifier offline for any repairs.
  • Vertical sludge tubes load directly into open troughs for easy sludge flow monitoring
  • Drive is replaceable without removing the access bridge or draining the tank
  • Efficient flocculation
  • Rapidly withdraws sludge, providing enhanced biological phosphorus removal
  • 95% of scum is captured and removed from inside the influent well

Enviroquip® rapid sludge removal clarifiers are the most versatile clarifiers on the market. They are well suited for dense populations or in plants where stringent nutrient effluent limits means returning the settled solids to the process basin as quickly as possible.

Ovivo engineers have incorporated a rotating scum beach into the center pier that separates scum and return sludge by discharging the scum down through the center pier into multiple collection boxes or out along the bridge via a small submersible pump. This gives plant owners the option of removing scum and gross inorganic floatables at the source and returning them to the process aeration or removing them from the process flow train via the digester.

Sludgeviewr® return activated sludge (RAS) troughs allow operators to view the sludge from each sludge tube, allowing for easy sampling and ensuring pumping rates are as required. Our exclusive ScumTrappR™ design ensures that 95% of the scum is removed from the influent well, eliminating the need for scum to travel the across the entire clarifier, reducing odor and providing a cleaner surface.

The unique features of the rapid sludge removal clarifier provide better control of the sludge blanket. A low sludge blanket keeps the sludge fresh and eliminates the worry of floating, nitrified sludge. The elimination of bent tubes or underwater orifices lowers construction costs and the various options available allow for the flexibility to adjust to temporary or permanent process changes.

  • Fail-safe drive overload design – no damage to the mechanism
  • Flat floor lowers construction costs
  • Ovivo’s Jackbolt™ precision bearing drive with cast iron housing is oil lubricated and long lasting
  • No need to dewater the tank for drive maintenance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs
  • Cleaner surface with the ScumTrappR™ scum control system


Enviroquip_ Rapid Sludge Removal Clarifier_IMG_5The high scum removal rate of the Enviroquip® rapid sludge removal clarifier translates into higher sludge return rates and a mechanism capable of handling 200% of the average flow, with no fear of clogging. SludgeViewr® troughs connected to the inlet well and mounted to the rake arms, draw sludge directly from the tank bottom through straight tubes of equal length, making flow control devices obsolete by providing balanced sludge removal.

Octagonal-shaped baffles mounted to the inlet well reduce and redirect the flow. This prevents sludge blanket disturbance, while simultaneously directing scum to the water surface inside the clarifier flocculating well, and when used in conjunction with the bridge-mounted, stationary scum wiper known as the ScumTrappR™, inorganic floatables and scum are effectively pushed into a separate, rotating collection box for quick removal from the system. The remaining biological scum or floating sludge (approximately 5%) that does surface outside the influent well is returned with the activated sludge for further treatment.

Our exclusive Jackbolt™ drive design minimizes maintenance problems by eliminating the need to take the clarifier offline for bearing or gear replacement. The complete assembly can be replaced in hours using only a small portable hoist, instead of a large crane to remove the access bridge as with other drive units.


Materials of construction –

Clarifiers are available in HDG, 304SS, 316SS for corrosion free and maintenance free equipment.

Current reducing baffles are available in galvanized mild steel, types 304 or 316 stainless steel.

  • Clarifier diameters: 40’ to 180’
  • Spray header or neoprene curtain holds floating scum
  • ScumTrappR™ or full perimeter scum troughs available
  • Materials available: HDG, 304SS, 316SS
  • Inboard concrete or fabricated effluent troughs
  • Precision bearing drive, cast iron housing, oil lubricated, easily maintained
  • Individual sludge tubes are full diameter pipes top to bottom but can be cleaned from above without draining the basin.

Current reducing baffles provide:

  • Inlet current reduction
  • Inlet flow redirection
  • Improves scum collection
  • Enhanced mixed liquor flocculation for improved settling rates

Is the scum pump accessible from the drive platform?

Yes, there is a flexible hose immediately below the checkered plate that is used to raise the pump up to bridge level.

Can the RAS return rate be variable?

Yes, the sludge removal rate can be varied up to 150% without diminishing clarifier performance.

Does the access bridge have to be removed to replace the spur gear drive?

No, the access bridge remains in place and the clarifier can stay in operation during spur gear drive replacement.

How long does it take to replace the drive? Do I need a large crane?

The spur gear replacement takes 8 hours and can be performed with a 1-ton engine hoist.

Is there a way to remove scum if it is not removed in the influent well?

Yes, the sludge troughs have some small scum ports at the water surface with adjustable weirs to remove floating scum on the clarifier basin water surface. This scum is returned to the process basin with the RAS.

Can this scum removal system handle a large scum issue?

Yes, the scum removal system can remove large volumes of scum as evidenced in plant upsets and remove it to the digester or sludge holding basin. I think you will agree it is the best scum removal system you have ever seen.

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