Ovivo Receives Patent on its RMD Technology















Tor Heimdal and John Vorwaller                                                    Reverse Manifold Device



Ovivo USA, LLC has been granted a patent on its reverse manifold device (RMD) technology.

The reverse manifold device (RMD) allows for easy conversion from a downward RAS flow that travels under the tank floor/foundation to a new configuration where the RAS flow travels upward concentrically through the clarifier support column.

This simple, low-cost device should be used when:

  • a sludge line is not allowed below tank or underground
  • there is no sludge line below the tank
  • the existing RAS line has insufficient capacity
  • the RAS line damaged or unusable

The new RMD design gave Ovivo an edge when bidding to convert 12 existing clarifier units for a Canadian customer. The RMD conversion and switching from suction riser pipe to suction header type clarifiers saved millions of dollars in existing tank structural modifications.

In another project, the customer’s management issued an edict to abandon all underground piping. The RMD device allowed the RAS pipe to travel upwards out the top of the column and along the walkway. This allowed the existing clarifiers to be reused with minor modifications to the mechanism and no changes to the tank. CFD analyses conducted by a third party for this customer showed improved velocity profiles throughout the clarifier, which resulted in an improved effluent suspended solids.

For more information on the RMD and its uses, contact your local Ovivo representative or contact Ovivo directly using the link in this page.

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