Ovivo has begun deploying Mem-TAD™ membrane digestion systems for the City of New Braunfels

Mem-TAD™ membrane digestion systemsOvivo has launched the first of what is scheduled to be four Mem-TAD™ membrane digestion systems for the city of New Braunfels.

Due to footprint constraints at the South Kuehler WWTP plant, the Mem-TAD system was retrofit into existing digester tanks, eliminating the need for any new tank construction, and the new Mem-TAD system thickens the waste activated sludge to approximately 3% solids without the addition of any polymers.

The Mem-TAD system has allowed New Braunfels to effectively triple their current capacity, ensuring they have sufficient process volume for the next twenty years. The expanded capacity has also improved the performance of the aerobic digestion system, which in turn, has led to higher cake concentrations coming off of New Braunfels’ dewatering equipment. The second Mem-TAD system at the North Kuehler WWTP is scheduled to come online in June.

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