Ovivo Bongo™ Pilot makes Spokane, WA a believer of OVIVO drum screen technology

The Ovivo® Bongo™ fine screen was developed using a multitude of proven components and screening design technologies. The Bongo drum screen normally provides dual aperture screening from 5.0mm influent coarse screening down to 0.25mm fine screening in a dual aperture, single drum treatment configuration. One of its many uses is to protect membrane systems from large and small debris entering a sewage plant.

Membranes piloted and tested at the City of Spokane Waste Water Treatment Facility were plagued with floating debris and filamentous algae blooms, along with daphnia and bloodworm-contaminated wastewater. At the Spokane facility, a pilot Bongo unit was adapted with a proprietary single 0.5mm aperture screen panel to remove sewage debris and storm water runoff from secondary clarifiers in the plant and to further process and remove hair, cotton fiber, floating particulates, filamentous algae blooms, daphnia and bloodworms from primary clarified wastewater.

Since installation in October 2015, the Ovivo Bongo system has been successfully protecting Spokane’s three downstream membrane pilot plants. Information learned from the Bongo pilot unit is currently being used to design three proprietary, Ovivo Brackett Green®, 50 MGD double entry drum screens with 0.5mm aperture.

For further information on this latest OVIVO technology, please email aby.varghese@ovivowater.com


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