Water is a key raw material for the Electronics Industry!

Ovivo’s knowledge of the processes and requirements for semiconductor manufacturing makes us the partner of choice for your total water management solutions in the fabrication of any devices such as Raw Silicon Wafers, Microprocessors, Digital Mem. chips, FPD and TFT.

Ovivo’s technologies remove impurities at the limits of detection, and allow for the reclamation of wastewater for cost optimization and minimal environmental impact.

Here at Ovivo, we have developed the Water Augmented™, a new form of technology involving the utilization of digital applications in water treatment to improve accuracy, robustness and quality of our current treatment processes, reduces energy and other resource consumption through the use of smart monitoring and control solutions and provides a more user-friendly interface for plant operators and service technicians through on-line data mining and remote intervention capabilities.

Product Groups

Ovivo has developed innovative and reliable analyzers to monitor water components or contaminants

usiness unit in Hungary (part of the E&M division), is specialized in the manufacturing of tanks, steel structures, pipe work and other devices used in water treatment technology.
electro deionization (edi)

For the demineralization of low ion content water, the EDI - Electro Deionization is the ideal solution.

The revolutionary filtration media: Ultrapure Glass Beads focus on an improved approach in raw water filtration versus multimedia filtration methods.

OVIVO® U-PUR™ - The most compact 3-in-1 metal-free polishing reactor for Ultrapure Water production

Ovivo‘s new Ion Exchange Resin line is dedicated to UPW process applications.
Immersed Ceramic Silicon Carbide (SiC) Flat Sheet

The SiC Ceramic Membrane Ultrafiltration is intended for reducing high concentration of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) present in the effluent.

Ovivo New UPW Pumps - Non-metallic pumps for ultra-pure (UPW) water application