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Why Water: A Journey with Winston Lim

Why Water

In a conversation with Winston Lim, we discover his journey, from a chemical engineering student in Malaysia to Deputy General Manager at Ovivo Singapore, Electronics. His story is one of continuous learning with a commitment to making a meaningful impact in the water industry.

His Journey: 

Winston’s journey began with a chemical engineering bachelor’s degree in Malaysia, actively participating in various water treatment projects during his studies. His academic exploration was the foundation for his passion for water treatment.

Upon completing his degree, Winston sought opportunities in Singapore and moved there to work with Ovivo in 2019, marking the beginning of his professional career. Starting as a project engineer, he worked on several projects within different departments paving his way to becoming a deputy general manager.

During his second year at Ovivo, and with the support of the company and his team, Winston pursued his dream of completing a master’s degree in industrial engineering, fulfilling his dedication to personal and professional growth.

The Significance of Water: 

His university experience deeply influenced Winston’s decision to stay in the water industry. Introduced to water treatment through a project, he gradually recognized the increasing global challenge of accessing clean water. This realization, coupled with water scarcity in various countries, fuelled an interest in water treatment to contribute to a sustainable future.

He highlights a reclaim project as a pivotal moment in his career, emphasizing its challenges and meaningful impact. Working intensively with cutting-edge technology, Winston and the Ovivo team sought to recover the cleanest water from wastewater, ultimately reducing the country’s burden on freshwater sources. He adds “I find this project very meaningful because we do not need to use freshwater anymore because, from this wastewater, we can already extract water for other purposes”.

Why Water with Ovivo?

Winston appreciates Ovivo’s unique culture, emphasizing the company’s willingness to invest in fostering a culture of continuous improvement. “This is one thing that stands out for me, and it makes us confident enough to admit our mistakes, correct them, and learn for ourselves and the future.”

He also acknowledges the value the company places on innovation, with investments in Research and Development to treat water sustainably.

What Does the Future of Water Treatment Look Like?

Winston identifies the limited understanding of wastewater composition as a significant challenge “The complexity of wastewater components poses a challenge in selecting the most effective treatment technologies” he says. Winston emphasizes the need for robust technologies to address the complexities of wastewater treatment and reclamation.

Looking ahead, he envisions a growing focus on water reclamation, particularly in water-stressed regions like Singapore. He is enthusiastic about being at the forefront of the industry, and actively contributing to establishing a sustainable landscape for Singapore.

Posted on May 22, 2024