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Why Water: A Journey with Mayur Chikhaliya 

Why Water

In a conversation with Mayur Chikhaliya Senior Manager, Process at Ovivo India, we look into his 13-year career preserving and enhancing water resources. Originally from a small town in Gujarat, India, Mayur’s journey began with childhood experiences of water scarcity, shaping a passion for water preservation.

His Journey: 

Mayur shares a memory from childhood that shaped his understanding of water: “When I was around 7 to 8 years old, there were times we faced a lot of water scarcity in my town. Water tankers would come to our community, and we would rush after them with buckets to get some water. That’s how at that age I understood the importance of water.” From then he pursued a bachelor’s in biotechnology and later a technical master’s in energy and environmental engineering, focusing on water and wastewater treatment.

The pivotal moment in his career came with hands-on experience in an industrial wastewater treatment company, where fascination and curiosity for water treatment processes took root. His journey continued with industrial wastewater treatment projects, leading him to join Ovivo India in 2016 and work conjointly with Ovivo USA on several projects.

The Significance of Water: 

Working in the water sector, Mayur emphasizes the critical role of water as a precious resource. He stresses the importance of preserving water in its natural form, recognizing its essential role in sustaining life. He also mentions, “Water is a kind of energy, it’s considered as one of the 5 important elements of Earth”. Stemming from his experience as a child, Mayur views water not as a commodity to be used but as a vital component of our planet, linking it to the very composition of our bodies.

Why Water with Ovivo?

Over the last 8 years, Mayur expresses how his initial aspirations upon joining Ovivo have been fulfilled. “Due to its in-depth knowledge of water treatment processes, Ovivo provides a platform for continuous learning, exposure to new technologies, and collaboration with experienced colleagues and seniors. The company’s commitment to innovation aligns with my goal of preserving water in its natural state,” said Mayur.

Mayur sees vast opportunities for water treatment in India, where stricter regulations on water recycling will drive municipalities and industries to invest in advanced water treatment technologies.

He emphasizes governments’ need for strategic planning to address urbanization and the increasing water demand and looks forward to taking on a key role in this evolving landscape with Ovivo.

What Does the Future of Water Treatment Look Like?

Identifying water scarcity as a significant challenge, he stresses the importance of recycling water to levels suitable for consumption.

Referring to the “magic” in water and the constant evolution of water treatment technologies, he is driven by the prospect of exploring and applying new advancements in India, a country with immense potential for wastewater treatment development.

Posted on February 22, 2024