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Ovivo Acquires the LM™ Mixer Technology

Ovivo Inc. (“Ovivo”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of the LM™ Mixer (Linear Motion) technology from Enersave Fluid Mixers Inc. (“Enersave”). Ovivo and Enersave have collaborated successfully for the past 20 years, leveraging our common expertise and constant innovation. For the past 10 years, Ovivo held a license to sell the LM™ Mixer technology in North America. Today, Ovivo acquires the LM™ Mixer technology, including its patents and know-how. This acquisition will enable Ovivo to expand its target markets globally with this innovative technology and explore future innovations and opportunities for biosolids management and resource recovery.

Anaerobic digestion is one of the key processes in biosolids management. Digester mixing is essential for maintaining active biological volume and preventing operational disruptions that can lead to costly downtime. The LM™ Mixer technology is a highly efficient, low-energy mixing system compared to other digester mixing technologies. With a design that prevents the formation of rags and allows low-cost maintenance, this technology is ideal for achieving optimal mixing efficiency and correspondingly increasing biogas generation.

“Acquiring the LM™ Mixer technology enhances Ovivo’s comprehensive portfolio in anaerobic digestion and further solidifies our position as the leader in biosolids management and resource recovery. The LM™ Mixer has been successful for our North American clients, and we are pleased to be in a position to offer it worldwide. We would like to thank Enersave for their great collaboration and for entrusting Ovivo with the continuous development of this innovative technology,” says Hiren Trivedi, Senior Vice President – Ovivo Municipal/Industrial Division.

Besides conventional aerobic and anaerobic digestion technologies, Ovivo offers their clients some unique options like DigestivorePAD™  post-aerobic digestion system, LysoTherm™ Thermal Hydrolysis systems, UltrastoreTM membrane gas holders, EloVac® struvite precipitation technology, and various Varec BiogasTM conditioning and upgrading systems for biosolids management, resources recovery, and biogas management.

Posted on June 20, 2024