Ovivo Water Treatment & Purification Brands, Trademarks, & Equipment Companies
Ovivo history, companies and brands

Ovivo is a powerful global brand with renowned trademarks, possessing more than 150 years of expertise and references in water treatment. The combined strengths of our heritage brands, whether owned by Ovivo or used via license, and extensive system integration know-how create one of the most comprehensive banks of technology in the sector as well as one of the most impressive list of references. Here is the heritage timeline of how our company grew its product line.

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Founded 1970
Alar specialises in the manufacturing of industrial wastewater treatment equipment for worldwide distribution. Acquired in 2020, they are the leader in the pre-treatment and filter aid chemical products, and also offer parts, services and leasing of equipment for municipalities and industrial niche markets.
Brackett Green®
Founded 1899
Founded as the Brackett Group, it became the Brackett Green in 1990 and specialises in cooling water intakes for power and wastewater inlet screening. Acquired in November 2005 by Eimco Water Technologies®, Brackett Green is the world leader in advanced water intake screening and filtration technologies.
Caird & Rayner Clark
Founded 1889
Caird & Rayner Clark specialises in advanced seawater desalination technologies. Acquired in 2005 with the acquisition of Brackett Green, they are recognised for their reliability and performance in pure water treatment in the offshore, marine and military sectors.
Founded 2014
Cembrane produces a flat sheet Silicon Carbide (SiC) membrane used in a variety of applications within the municipal and industrial markets. Acquired in 2022, Cembrane is the worlds largest producer of SiC membranes for OEMs & System integrators within water & wastewater treatment.
Christ Water technology®
Founded 1939
Founded in Basel as a trading house, Christ Water technology specialises in building complete treatment plants and turnkey projects. Acquired in December 2009, they are the leader in water treatment, designing and installing ultrapure water plants for the semiconductor industry since 1975.
Founded 1980
Copa specialised in stormwater management, sedimentation, biological treatment and screening. Their main focus remained solids-liquids separation and wastewater treatment in the industrial & municipal sectors. Acquired in 2006 and partially sold in 2014, we continue to own the right to use the mark and the brand outside of the EU and the UK markets.
Founded 1865
Dorr-Oliver specialises in solid-liquid separation equipment for minerals processing industry and municipal water and wastewater treatment. Purchased in 1999, it was later merged with the later purchased Eimco Process Equipment Company to form Dorr-Oliver Eimco. The Dorr-Oliver Eimco division and their respective Dorr-Oliver and Eimco brands were later sold in 2007. However, Ovivo has a limited license right to use such marks and brands in the United-States and Canadian municipal markets.
Founded 2010
E2metrix specializes in innovative & clean electro-technologies for the destruction of PFAS and other emerging contaminants, present in water and wastewater for the municipal and industrial markets. Following a successful partnership, E2metrix was acquired in 2024, becoming a key strategic force to accelerate the development and commercialization of an integrated solution to destroy PFAS.
Eimco Water Technologies®
Founded 1884
Originally founded as Eastern Iron and Metal Corporation (EIMCO), the water division of the company was established in 2004 and operated as Eimco Water Technologies. Although the Eimco was sold in 2007, we retained the water division and have the exclusive worldwide license to use the Eimco Water Technologies name. The water division continues to be a leading supplier of high-performance liquid-solid and liquid-liquid separation technologies for municipal and industrial water and waste water treatment.
Founded 1966
Enviroquip specialised in wastewater treatment: Aeration, Clarification, Denitrification, Membrane Bioreactors, and Filters, among others. Acquired in 2006, it has become a brand name known for its complete high-performance and cost-effective solutions, in the municipal sector.
Founded 2001
FilterBoxx is a renowned leader in the design and supply of modular water and wastewater solutions for a wide range of industrial customers. Acquired in 2018, FilterBoxx is recognised for its great expertise in standardised packaged plant solutions and its knowledge centred on small capital, rentals, operation & maintenance (O&M), and parts & services (P&S).
Founded 1955
Goema specialises in pure water systems, treatment of complex wastewater and water recycling processes. Acquired in 2009 with the acquisition of Christ Water Technology, they are one of the leading manufacturers and can deliver custom solutions in many industry sectors such as automotive, chemical, food & beverage and electronics.
Jones + Attwood
Founded 1876
Jones + Attwood specialises in the design and supply of headworks equipment and systems to the municipal wastewater market. Acquired in 2005 and partially sold in 2014, we continue to own the right to use the mark and the brand outside of the EU and the UK markets.
Founded 1902
Kennicott specialises in ion exchange technology for high purity water. Acquired in 2009 with the acquisition of Christ Water Technology, they develop and supply innovative solutions to meet the increasingly stringent demands for cost-effective water purification and treatment in the power and petrochemical sectors.
Founded 1956
Founded as TEPRO Anlagenbau, it became Tepro Project Engineering Wassertechnik G.m.b.H. in 1996, specialising in building industrial custom process water treatment plants. Acquired in 2009 with the acquisition of Christ Water Technology, it is one of the leading suppliers of systems and technologies in industries such as automotive, chemical, food & beverage, power, steel and pulp and paper.
Founded 1993
UT&S specialises in de-ionisation of difficult wastewater originating from metal treatment processes. Acquired in 2009 with the acquisition of Christ Water Technology, it is an established leader in the metalworking and surface treatment industries.
Varec Biogas™
Founded 1939
Varec Biogas specialises in the design, service and distribution of the most complete line of biogas safety and handling equipment in the world, for municipal waste management and various industrial applications. Acquired in 2019, their product line is complementary to our biosolids management and resource recovery offering.
Founded 1987
Wastech specialises in turn-key packaged systems for industrial wastewater treatment applications. Acquired in 2022, Wastech is a recognised process system integrator offering complete facility equipment design and manufacturing, after-sale support and automation solutions.