Product Highlight – Full Trough Skimmer (FTS™) System

The Full Trough Skimmer (FTS™) System

The FTS™ system is comprised of a radial scum trough extending from the clarifier feedwell, outwards to the scum baffle.  There are two cantilevered scum skimming arms which sweep the entire clarification surface area twice per revolution.  The FTS system is a performance enhancing skimmer design, which has been effectively proven and is installed in many new and existing clarifiers.

With the radial scum trough and its two matching scum skimmers, the FTS design can eliminate scum quickly and effectively at a rate faster than what is typically experienced with a conventional scum box and skimmers.

The key features and benefits of the FTS system:

  • Radial design enables the full length of the skimmer wiper to make simultaneous and continuous contact with the entire scum trough ramp
  • Cantilevered heavy duty skimmer arms
  • Skimmer arms do not have pivots, hinges or springs, which wear out and break
  • Effective removal of heavy surface scum loads in one pass
  • Design is resistant to the effects of wind and eliminates the need for anti-rotational scum baffles
  • Design is resistant to the effects of icing damage
  • Can be retrofitted into existing clarifiers and thickeners
  • Can be customized to fit almost any clarifier

Select proven, high efficiency equipment for your clarifier scum collection system.  Consider Ovivo’s Full Trough Skimmer system!

For additional information, contact your local Ovivo representative or contact Ovivo directly from this website.

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