Ovivo’s 11th Annual MBR Operator’s Workshop: 2018 Best Yet!

Over 170 Operators, Owners and Engineers come to Austin for Training & special Grand Opening event


The Ovivo® MBR Operator’s Workshop is a 3-day training event geared toward plant operators and field service technicians who are interested in taking their skills to the next level. Attendees heard from the world’s leading experts in MBR technology and visited Ovivo’s brand new Knowledge Center where they experienced hands-on training demonstrating how data is changing MBR technology.

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Considered pioneers and innovators of membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology, Ovivo’s MBR group held its 11th Annual MBR Operator’s Workshop on May 2-4, 2018 – bringing over 150 wastewater treatment operators, owners, engineers and world-renowned experts to Austin, TX.

Central to this year’s theme, “Data Rocks,” was how information – in the hands of operators – can be used to troubleshoot, innovate and optimize MBR systems. Most popular among workshop attendees was the unique, hands-on training that took place at Ovivo’s MBR Knowledge Center.  Designed specifically as a place to facilitate innovation and collaboration, the Knowledge Center was the perfect venue for operators to engage in a series of five interactive stations covering a range of topics from Critical SCADA Care to Membrane Protection from Debris.

With so many industry enthusiasts in one place, it was a natural fit to couple our annual Workshop with the official opening of Ovivo’s MBR Knowledge Center and MICRODYN-NADIR’s MBR Membrane Manufacturing Plant. The occasion was a remarkable step forward for Ovivo, Microdyn, MBR and the industry at large.

As hundreds of attendees looked on with anticipation, Marc Barbeau (President and CEO of Ovivo) and Walter Lamparter (CEO of MICRODYN-NADIR) cut the ribbon to the new facilities and queued the impressive automated factory line to switch on. The robotic arms wowed onlookers as they worked in concert to demonstrate a production capacity on the order of 120,000,000 gallons per day of filtration capacity. Microdyn’s Plant Manager then gave attendees an exclusive guided tour explaining what was happening at each stage of the automated line – the only facility of its kind in the United States.

With over 300 MBR plants in service, Ovivo’s MBR technical team continues to share knowledge with the industry and to create connections within the MBR community.  Visit mbrcentral.com to see more highlights from the event. Hope to see y’all next time when we do it again!

A special thanks to Claire and Dr. Simon Judd at thembrsite.com for their meaningful participation and thoughtful recap of this year’s events!