Metro Toronto Humber North WWTP – Traveling Bridge Retrofit

IMG_0904-1The Humber Wastewater Treatment plant is Toronto’s second largest treatment facility, and is located along the Queensway in Toronto’s West End.  The plant serves 651,000 people and has a capacity near 500,000 cubic meters per day.  Beginning service in 1950, plant components need to be renewed  every now and then.  Primary Clarifier No. 11 had its turn this past year.

Ovivo retrofitted Primary Clarifier Basin No. 11 with a new traveling bridge, lower collector mechanism and scum collector under contract with APlus General Contractors Corporation.  This was the 3rd clarifier basin Ovivo successfully updated at the plant under this agreement.

Each of the basins in the project measure approximately 25 meters wide x 80 meters long, and they were completed one after the other to minimize plant impact.  Acceptance testing of Basin No. 11 (the final step of the project) is scheduled in February 2016, and will complete a three year long effort to bring these clarifiers back up to speed.

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