Aerobic Digestion

Aerobic sludge digestion is a biological process that takes place in the presence of oxygen. With oxygen, bacteria present in the sludge (activated sludge) consumes organic matter and converts it into carbon dioxide. Ovivo offer several technologies to encourage this natural process to thrive, producing consistent, high quality, results. Processes supplied by Ovivo can use coarse or fine bubble diffusers.
Ovivo’s DigestivorePAD™ Technology process consists of anaerobic digestion followed by post-aerobic digestion. Aerobic digestion, operating in conjunction with anaerobic digestion, provides enhanced volatile solids reduction, increasing performance by *20% to 30%*. Increased volatile solids reduction results in reduced biosolids management costs and improved dewaterability of biosolids.
Enviroquip® Airbeam™ Cover
Our unique AirBeam™ cover is a simple, modular design that integrates structural supports and air distribution systems to form a superior digester cover.
Ovivo® G-TAD™ Process
Ovivo's patented G-TADTM (Gravity Thickened Aerobic Digestion) process provides for the integrated operation of a gravity sludge thickener with two or more aerobic digesters. By operating these units as a combined system, improved treatment and efficiency is achieved.
Ovivo® M-TAD™ Process
The Ovivo® M-TADTM (Mechanically Thickened Aerobic Digestion) process is a controlled aerobic digestion system specifically designed to handle sludge produced by mechanical thickeners such as gravity belt thickeners or rotary drums. The M-TAD system utilizes two or more aerobic digesters to optimize aeration requirements, helping to keep equipment costs to a minimum.
Ovivo® Mem-TAD™ Process
Ovivo® Mem-TAD™ (Membrane Thickened Aerobic Digestion) process brings aerobic digestion and flat sheet membrane performance together into one integrated system. The system consists of two or more aerobic digesters operating in conjunction with an anoxic basin and membrane thickener (MBT). One aerobic digester forms a recycle loop with the MBT and the anoxic basin that causes digested sludge to be continuously thickened while undergoing nitrification and denitrification.
OVIVO® Single Drop Diffuser
OVIVO® single drop diffusers offer superior performance in sludge holding tanks or aerobic digesters.
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