Making Waves in the Hydrogen Power Industry: Water for Green Hydrogen Using H2PW™ Technology

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As governments, businesses, and individuals around the world seek to transition to more sustainable energy sources, water for green hydrogen is increasingly being seen as a key part of the solution. Hydrogen produces zero emissions in comparison to fossil fuels and can be used in a wide range of applications, from powering vehicles, and heating buildings, to providing hydrogen backup power. However, the development of this technology requires several critical factors, including Green Electricity and very high-quality feed water.

As a leading provider of water treatment solutions, Ovivo UK is actively involved in the development of hydrogen production, utilising its H2PW™ technology, paving the way to a brighter and more sustainable future. The basic system comprises a pre-treatment process of the green hydrogen feed water, followed by multi-pass high efficiency demineralisation stages.

Water plays an instrumental role in multiple stages of hydrogen production and this project involves the design and supply of a largescale H2PWTM Purified Water treatment plant to feed the 4GW of hydrogen electrolysers, equivalent energy for 8 million homes.  This plant will use optimised technologies to minimise waste and energy consumption to purify the water, preventing the accumulation of contamination and prolonging the life of hydrogen cells. Once fully commissioned, the water treatment plant will maintain a continuous water supply to allow up to 600 tons of green hydrogen to be generated daily to supply the global transportation industry.

Ovivo is committed to leveraging its expertise to provide innovative water treatment solutions that meet the evolving requirements of its hydrogen power production partners, those who value water as much as we do.

Posted on 11 October 2023