Filtration is a mechanical process that separates solids from liquid. Numerous methods can be relied upon, depending on the application and the particles size. Filtration is differentiated from screening which is typically an open channel process. Ovivo can recommend the best process for your custom application, including among others gravity filtration, Media filtration and ultrafiltration, or a combination thereof.

Gravity Filtration

Gravity filtration is a physical process for the separation of solids from liquids, separating particles in the feed from the resulting filtrate.

Media Filtration

Media Filtration is a well proven, reliable technology used for the removal of finer suspended solids.

Nitrate Removal

Ovivo offers ion-exchange nitrate removal solutions for the potable water industry which are highly efficient, high rate and generate low waste.

Need a Quick Solution to the New EPA Federal PFC, PFOS & PFOA Guideline?


A federal guideline for water utilities issued in May, 2016 has some utilities scrambling to make sure they are properly addressing perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs).

Ovivo can provide modular steel Activated Carbon Filters.

Standard Models available:

500,000 gallons/day

1,000,000 gallons/day

2,500,000 gallons/day

Units can be easily installed at existing Water Treatment facilities.  Delivery 4-6 weeks from receipt of Purchase Order.

Contact Gary Haggard at 512-834-6007 for more information.