Why Water: A Journey with Scott Gilbert

Why Water

In a conversation with Scott Gilbert, Service Center Manager at Ovivo USA, Electronics, explore his interesting career spanning the military and the dynamic semiconductor industry. With an extensive background in water treatment, he shares insights into the transitions that have shaped his journey and highlights the significance of working in the water industry.

His Journey: 

Scott’s journey began in 1983 when he joined the military, specializing in nuclear reactor operations on aircraft carriers. Over 13 years, he became a staff instructor, sharing his nuclear power knowledge with recruits. He explains that going through nuclear power school would cover the equivalent of 2 and a half years for an engineering degree in university, in just 6 months. This intensive education allowed him to seamlessly move into various industries upon leaving the service.

In 1996, Scott made a transition to the semiconductor industry. The industry’s fast-paced and complicated nature appealed to Scott’s preference for dynamic challenges, providing a continuous learning experience.

For the last 28 years, Scott has been in the water sector, dedicating the last 14 years to Ovivo. His current role as a Service Center Manager in Malta, NY focuses on ultra-pure water systems crucial for chip manufacturing and treating chemical wastewater. Scott’s commitment to water treatment extends beyond professional duty; it’s rooted in his upbringing on a farm in Kentucky. Raised with a love for the outdoors, he emphasizes the importance of responsible water treatment, recognizing its impact on the community and the environment.

The Significance of Water: 

Scott highlights the importance of water treatment in the semiconductor industry: “Losing an ultra-pure water system at a semiconductor would be similar to turning the electricity off, I mean everything stops.” He also details the process of treating water, while ensuring it meets environmental standards, “We treat the water before the customer uses it and we are also responsible for treating the water before it goes back to the environment, so we’re a gatekeeper for the whole water system” says Scott.

Why Water with Ovivo?

Scott expresses satisfaction with the autonomy provided by the company’s leadership. He appreciates the trust to make decisions independently while receiving substantial support when needed. The collaborative relationship between Ovivo and its clients beyond contractual obligations, with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and dependable service.

What Does the Future of Water Treatment Look Like?

Scott anticipates increased focus on water reuse. As global concerns about water scarcity grow, governments can be the driving force in enforcing regulations to ensure industries minimize their environmental footprint and innovate for sustainability.

Reflecting on his commitment to sustainable practices, Scott is enthusiastic about maintaining an active role in supporting innovation to keep up with industry advancements.

Posted on 18 March 2024