Why Water: A Journey with Chris Bell

Why Water

In a conversation with Chris Bell, Product Manager at Ovivo UK, Energy, we discover his venture into the world of water treatment that began with a curiosity for environmental science. Reflecting on his journey, Chris attributes his commitment to water treatment to its inherent importance and the ever-present challenge of ensuring efficient treatment management.

His Journey:

Growing up in the UK, Chris was initially drawn to outdoor activities like sailing and canoeing. His love for the natural world eventually led him to pursue a degree in environmental science. Followed by a master’s in environmental pollution science, his degrees laid the groundwork for a lifelong commitment to water preservation and treatment.

His career took off as a plant maintenance engineer in the semiconductor industry. However, it was his transition to Kennicott in 2000 (acquired by Ovivo in 2009) that cemented his commitment to the water sector.

Over the past 24 years, Chris’s roles have spanned from process engineer to product manager, with water and engineering as a constant thread. Each offered him unique insights into the diverse facets of the water industry and guided his trajectory through different roles and responsibilities “It’s the variety of different challenges that keeps me going and my passion for understanding how things work” he says.

The Significance of Water:

Reflecting on the significance of his work in water treatment, Chris emphasizes the critical importance of water as a finite resource essential for life and industrial applications. His role at Ovivo has allowed him to contribute meaningfully to water treatment efforts while navigating evolving challenges and increasing water demand.

Chris underlines the universal importance of water, stating, „It’s important, we all need water.“ He highlights the dynamic nature of the water industry, which offers plenty of opportunities for those interested in making a difference “This is an industry where there’s always work to be done, with a whole variety of fields within it. I encourage people to get into it, there’s a future in this field” he says.

Chris expresses his interest in understanding the inner workings of water treatment and the ever-evolving demands of the field, describing his journey as interesting and filled with learning experiences.

Why Water with Ovivo?

Driven by Ovivo’s principles of innovation and commitment to excellence Chris was drawn to the diverse opportunities and transformative projects the company offers. Embracing Ovivo’s dynamic environment, Chris found a supportive atmosphere that values teamwork, innovation, and expertise. He describes Ovivo as a „family-like environment“ where collaboration and camaraderie thrive.

In his various roles at Ovivo, Chris actively engaged in innovation and development projects, striving to deliver customized solutions that meet customers‘ evolving needs. With projects spanning the globe, Chris got to work on plants tailored to each client’s unique feed and treated water requirements.

What Does the Future of Water Treatment Look Like?

Chris recognizes the pressing challenges facing the water industry, from emerging contaminants to tighter treated water requirements, and the necessity of sustainability. As the industry embraces new technologies and shifts towards greener practices, he remains optimistic about the future of water treatment and management.

With a keen eye on emerging technologies and a commitment to innovation, Chris envisions a future where water treatment transcends conventional boundaries, paving the way for a more sustainable world.

Posted on 13 June 2024