Boiler Feed Water Treatment

Regardless of the source, water used in boilers must be treated according to the needs of the plant. Low pressure boilers often develop scale formations due to calcium carbonate and water softeners are often required in the feed supply to prevent this. The high pressure boilers used in power stations require high purity, demineralized water to prevent corrosion. Ovivo can provide site-specific boiler feed water treatment technologies suitable for the local environment, which will increase equipm


Sedimentation has been the mainstay process for solid-liquid separation in the wastewater industry since its inception.

Electro Deionisation (EDI)

Simple and highly effective demineralized water polishing technology that uses a combination of ion selective membranes and ion exchange resins.

Ion Exchange

Ion exchange resins work by exchanging dissolved charged impurities, for other ions.

Media Filtration

Media Filtration is a well proven, reliable technology used for the removal of finer suspended solids.

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