Step into the future of wastewater treatment!

Take a virtual tour of Ovivo’s innovations in the wastewater treatment industry. Follow the flow of influent as it works its way through Ovivo’s treatment systems.

Explore 3 Innovative Ovivo Wastewater Treatment Solutions!

  1. Ovivo® Bongo™ Series Double Aperture Fine Screen
  2. Ovivo® microBLOX™ Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) System

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IMPORTANT! The OvivoVR app is designed to work with Google’s Cardboard V2 viewer.

You can get your viewer at the following link: www.google.com/get/cardboard/get-cardboard/

  • OVIVO Water

    Step 1.

    Download the OvivoVR app (available for both either Android & iOS) and install it on your phone.

  • OVIVO Water

    Step 2.

    Have your Google Cardboard Viewer close by and start the OvivoVR app. For best results we recommend you use headphones with this app! For safety reasons we recommend you remain seated while using this app.

  • OVIVO Water

    Step 3.

    When prompted by the above screen, place your phone in the google cardboard viewer and close the viewer, then press the select/interaction button to continue to the menu.

  • OVIVO Water

    Step 4.

    When the menu appears simply highlight the Ovivo Equipment you would like to explore by looking at it (You have to move your whole head, not just your eyes!). Once an equipment is highlighted press the select button to confirm your choice.

  • OVIVO Water

    Step 5.

    When the animation begins playing, look around! You’re now in a 3D virtual world and are free to look up, down, left, right, anywhere!

  • OVIVO Water


    If you would like to skip a scene during an animation you can press the select button. After all scenes in an animation have played you can return to the equipment selection menu.

    During an animation, the equipment is displayed in the top left corner, as well as your relative position in the top right corner. The scene progress is tracked on the timeline at the bottom of your screen.

If you enjoy the OvivoVR app, don’t forget to rate it 5 stars! And let us know in the comments which equipment you’d like to step into next!