Q: Can the Flocsillator™ oscillating flocculator be used in a staged or tapered flocculation application?

A: Staged or tapered flocculation can be achieved with oscillating flocculators in two ways. First, with the flow directed parallel to the flocsillator shaft, the number and spacing of paddles can be modified so that a high velocity gradient is achieved near the flow inlet and then reduced to its lowest value at the point where flow exits the flocculation step in the flowsheet.  Second, with the flow directed into the flocsillator basins perpendicular to the flocsillator shafts in a cross-flow configuration, multiple units can be used to achieve the tapered effect.  The unit nearest where the flow is introduced would have the most paddles in order to achieve the highest velocity gradient value, while the unit nearest where the flow exits would have the fewest paddles in order to yield a gentle flocculating effect.