BioAlgaNyx™ Pretreatment Process

Solids handling represents a significant portion of capital and operating expenses for wastewater treatment plants. Tank volumes and hauling expenses are the biggest contributors as they require large volumes to meet regulatory requirements and often require long hauling distances for suitable disposal sites. Ovivo’s BioAlgaNyx™ is a pretreatment process using a phagotrophic algae that consumes dissolved organics and small microbial organic particulates (from TWAS and PS), which allows for improved solids stabilization at a much faster rate in both the Anaerobic and Aerobic Digestion process.

Specially developed phagotrophic algae for:

  • Aerobic Digestion
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • Sludge Holding Tanks


  • Enhancement of aerobic digestion has been successfully tested and technology is commercially marketed.
  • Anaerobic testing has been performed on lab scale and is currently being performed on pilot scale. It is expected to be ready for commercialization by end of FY 2017-18.

Main Advantages:

  • Very low energy requirements
  • Potential for Algae harvesting (Resource Recovery)
  • Decreases Aerobic digestion retention time or improves Anaerobic VSR (and gas production)
  • Minimized footprint for solids stabilization
  • Better dewatering of solids
  • Algae does not require light source

Client Advantages:

  • 50-75% reduction in tank volumes to achieve Class B biosolids
  • 20-30% increase in volatile solids destruction
  • Lower hauling costs
  • Easily retrofits into existing systems

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