Ovivo® Brackett Bosker® automatic raking machines, Brackett Green® bar screens and trash rakes are the first line of defense in your raw water intake protection. The bar screen robust structure is specifically designed to fit within your existing system and allows for full penetration of the tines to keep large debris from entering your plant, which can damage critical equipment downstream, such as pumps, fine screens or filters.

Ovivo manufactures a wide range of Brackett Green® bar screens for intake protection to suit a variety of conditions. In areas with consistent, high levels of debris, Ovivo recommends permanent installation into the civil structure. However, if debris levels are seasonally low but protection is still required, the screens can be installed as removable components within the overall system.

The removable bar screens are typically installed in the StopGate™ guides once the StopGate module is removed. As these screens are not mechanically raked, it is necessary to raise them to deck level for cleaning, using the same automatic lifting beam as employed when moving the StopGates modules in and out of position. Removable bar screens can be stored in the StopGate storage rack when not in use.

The Brackett Green removable bar screens are manufactured in either carbon steel or stainless steel, with a range of corrosion protection options available. The bar gaps for the screens range from 12mm to 300mm (½ an inch to 12 inches) depending on the size of debris to be captured at the water intake.

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