Cartridge Filter Housing engineered to provide reliable high-quality filtration, and often used for polishing filters in almost all types of industrial water filtration processes, Ovivo Cartridge Filter Housings are the ideal choice for pharmaceutical, food and beverage, reverse osmosis pre-filtration and Ultrapure water polishing.

Cartridge Filter Housing for Ultrapure Applications

Ovivo Cartridge Filter Housings standard models are available in diameters from 219 to 508 mm and can support from 5 to 28 filter cartridges. Ovivo’s filter housings have been used with almost every filter media available with excellent results.
The products are manufactured according different standards to meet the most stringent requirements, including the final stage of the polishing loop for UPW systems in the semiconductor industry.

The CFEHA and CFAHA models are the ultimate choice to fulfill the specific needs of Ultrapure water applications. Both models are pickled and passivated inside and out prior to the application of Halar.
These state of the art filter housings include high performance 316L Stainless steel with all wetted surfaces fluoropolymer lined. This ensures Ultrapure water never comes in contact with exposed metal, ideal for nanotech manufacturing.


Key Features:

  • PEAK PERFORMANCES: Wide range of flow and filtration capability
  • REDUCED FOOTPRINT: Cleaned and rinsed with Ultrapure water during manufacturing
  • UPW COMPATIBLE: No exposed metal, fluoropolymer lined with Halar (E-CTFE)
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Easy cartridge replacement, direct access through the top flange
  • FLEXIBILITY: Depending on capacity, availability of Davits
  • PERFORMANCE VALUE: Reduced investment in infrastructure, low operating cost

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