Ramivo, our business unit in Hungary (part of the E&M division), is specialized in the manufacturing of tanks, steel structures, pipe work and other devices used in water treatment technology. The company covers the whole water treatment industry, starting from communal waste water treatment, through water purification for large-scale industry and energy production, up to ultrapure water.

Design Features RAMIVO Cartridge Filter Housing

  • No metallic parts for wetted area (CFHA)
  • SS316L (CF/CFHA)
  • AD2000 or ASME
  • Made in EU


Material CF Material CFHA
SS316L up to 1200 m3/h
Inner Coating No Coating Halar E-CTFE
Cartridge Holding PLate SS316L PVDF
Support Rods, Nuts SS316L PVDF
Cartridge Hold Down Plate SS316L PVDF


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